Top 5 Electric Skateboards 2020 Review

Top 5 Electric Skateboards 2020 Review

As of late, mankind has stepped forward with regards to rideable innovation and no ifs, ands or buts, the best electric skateboards fall into that section.

In the event that you need to get one, however, you're curious about them, so to assist you with deciding, here is a rundown of the main 5 best electric skateboards in 2020:


The INBOARD M1 is a perfect representation of what an ideal electric skateboard ought to be, with its incredible execution, astounding battery, and the way that it tends to be utilized when you run out of juice make this skateboard stick out. 

First of all, the INBOARD M1 is furnished with 2 implicit center engines inside the back wheels to empower the wheels to turn openly and make the board speedy and receptive to work as a customary skateboard when the battery kicks the bucket. 
The battery framework is splendid and very much idea, it is an exchangeable force framework that lets you trade batteries. 

The M1 is extremely light and can be hefted around without any problem. It can arrive at a noteworthy maximum velocity of 22mph without relinquishing soundness all the while, it likewise has extraordinary slope climbing power. 

2-SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1: 

The SwagBoard NG-1features better than average foothold and force that holds the skateboard in line and inside a sheltered speed limit coming to about 11mph which is helpful for new riders, fueled by a brushless center point engine that is outfitted with sensors to guarantee precise controls, simple taking care of, and incredible turning range. 

This electric board has a delicate and adaptable body that is made of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood and it is unfathomably light, weighing just 10 pounds and it can uphold the greatest heap of 175lbs, it additionally has an inward shape to improve the steadiness of the rider and the board also. 

Likewise, the controller of the SwagBoard NG-1has an ergonomic shape with choke controls simply under the thumbs and it additionally shows battery status. 

3-Boosted second Gen Dual+ 

The Boosted second Gen Dual+ is truly adaptable, smart that arrives at 22mph, and very solid gratitude to its 100% Bamboo wood development, the trucks, and the deck is secured with additional foothold grasp tape, and they convey the perfect measure of suspension to manage rough territories and little stones while keeping a stronghold when making exciting bends in the road. 
Besides, this electric skateboard is exceptionally lightweight with a load of just 14.7lbs creation it extremely simple to haul around, it additionally accompanies an 80mm orangutan Kegel wheels giving you a dumbfounding driving encounter. 

4-Evolve Bamboo GTX Series: 

The Evolve Bamboo GTX Series simply as the name suggests flaunts a strong and tough yet adaptable bamboo wood assemble. Besides, this skateboard is stuffed with eco-accommodating double 1500WATTs brushless engines giving it a joined 3000WATT complete force that permits it to arrive at a noteworthy most extreme speed of 26mph and climb steep grades without any difficulty. 

It is additionally outfitted with ground-breaking rough terrain wheels henceforth it's fit for cruising in hard territories. As it were, the GTX arrangement is essentially relentless. Concerning the battery. 


The RazorX has a light and a stable 30-inch long compressed wood deck that gives an agreeable ride all through various surfaces. Additionally, the top-notch grasp tape is intended for beginners and experienced riders the same. The wide wheels and opposite Kingpin trucks will give you incredible solidness and equalization. 

The RazorX electric longboard accompanies a 125WATTs engine under the board that will assist you with accomplishing a maximum velocity of 10mph and it merits expressing that the board can be kick pushed like a standard skateboard if the battery lapses. Notwithstanding that, the engine won't be actuated except if the skateboard is moving so you won't need to stress over losing strength from solid beginnings.